Happy Yak Shepherd's Pie*

  • $17.49

The classic Shepherd’s pie is sure to bring joy to the young and young at heart alike! It is made combining sweet corn kernels, creamy mashed potatoes and lean ground beef cooked to perfection. If you can’t eat shepherd’s pie without a dab of ketchup, included for your convenience are two packets of Heinz 57 ketchup inside the pouch.


Shepherd’s pie is a cult dish in French Canadian cuisine where it is commonly described as steak, corn, potatoes. This gluten-free, freeze-dried Happy Yak meal respects the tradition of layering the ingredients.


Its origin is still the subject of great mystery. Despite all the research studies and writings, Shepherd’s pie is similar to French, Scottish and British Cottage or Shepherd’s Pie. It is said that in Canada it originated during the construction of the pan-Canadian railway when few ingredients were available.


*Shipping only in Canada